We Are Here To Serve You

We enjoy taking care of our customers. That’s more than our motto. It’s our way of doing business. Everything we do is centered around you, our customer. We want to make sure you have only the best experience when it comes to taking care of your indoor home comfort needs. Our residential team is comprised of three specialty areas designed specifically to meet the needs of your home comfort expectations. Our service department will make sure your system is always running efficiently.

Service Agreements and Service Calls
When you choose to have preventative maintenance performed on your home comfort system, our residential service crew will check your system to see if there’s anything that’s not in top working order. What may seem like a small thing will catch problems before they happen. You’ll be able to get them fixed on your schedule before you’re left with no heat or air conditioning on a busy day with a long waiting list. If you are a preventative maintenance customer and you do happen to have an unexpected breakdown, we’ll move you to the top of the list. You may call that breaking in line. We call it taking care of our customers.

Replacement Estimates
The time will also come when you’ll have to replace your old system. Our change-out and upgrade team, under the direction of Rodney Powers, will measure and evaluate your house, and after consulting with you on your home comfort expectations, will recommend the best equipment and configuration to make your house as comfortable as possible for you and your family.

Real Estate Inspections
We will check the current heating and cooling system. We inspect the system not with the mindset to find something wrong, but to keep the purchaser from buying a home with heating and air problems.

Mold & Moisture Problems
We will help diagnose where the mold and moisture problems are coming from either in or around the home.

Crawl Space Encapsulation
We can seal any crawl space with a 10m liner that will not allow moisture from the ground or brick foundation to infiltrate the home. A dehumidifier will be installed to maintain humidity levels between 45 – 55%. Some crawl spaces may have to have drains to get rid of the water under the liner. Sump pumps are used to pump out the water from the crawl space.